Week 7 News (May 23-29)

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Theme this week: Happiness

Mixer: 3 things that make me happy. Think for 2 minutes. Write down: 3 things that make me happy. Mix your papers together in the group. Talk to your group. Which paper belongs to which member? Then talk about your happy activities. IN ENGLISH.

Homework Check: Use your regular QR Code link to write SIR questions for your video or article.


Music Club: This week’s song: Happy by Pharrell Williams. If you have not downloaded the app yet, get it on your smartphone: Lyricstraining.com. You will have a chance to talk about last week’s song in class.

Netflix Club: You can discuss Episode 2 (Season 1) in class. Here is the list of questions. Then this week, watch Episode 3. Remember, watch it twice. First time without 字幕. Then again with 字幕. It is about social media, a reality TV show called The Circle. Please do not watch ahead. Wait for the teacher to tell you when to watch each episode. ONE Episode EACH WEEK.

Photo Club: This week’s topic is HAPPY. You can use old photos, but they should be photos you take. Show us places, or things, or people, or feelings that make you happy. Remember to describe the photo as much as you can. And ask questions about other people.

Speaking Club: (Wednesday 2nd) I hope you have finished your Travel video. Now tell us about one thing that makes you happy. Remember to comment (using video) on what others say about happiness.

Assistant Teacher Club: We will start this week. Ryan will sign you up in class. Please ask him at the beginning or end of class.

The Comment Club: (Open): You did very well with many comments about travel last week. This week, we are doing comments about Happiness and Positive Psychology.

The Listening Club: (Tuesday 4th) The teacher will give you 3 things to listen to in class.

The Exchange Club (IVE Project): Please continue posting topics and replies about Student Life. Remember, the more you write, the more you learn. Get to know the other students in the group.

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