Week 5 Club News (May 9-15)

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Music Club: Last week’s song was The Food Song (by Barbra Lica). This week’s song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy (by Bobby McFarrin). Use SEARCH to find the songs. Please remember that you can only do 3 tries a day on your free software. So don’t wait until the last minute. Try a little each day. If you have not downloaded it yet, get it on your smartphone: Lyricstraining.com. You will have a chance to talk about last week’s song in class.

Netflix Club: (Thursday 3) Your teacher will explain about the show you will watch in class this week. It is about social media, a reality TV show called The Circle. Please do not watch ahead. Wait for the teacher to tell you when to watch each episode.

Photo Club: Some groups were posting many pictures with questions and answers about FOOD. Thank you to those groups. Remember, if you write more, you will participate more. This week’s Topic is RESTAURANTS. You can use old photos, but they should be photos you take. It can be of a restaurant dish, but it can also be about the building, the waiters, or anything else. Remember to describe the photo as much as you can. And ask questions about it.

Speaking Club: (Wednesday 2nd) The teacher will talk to you in class about what to do.

Assistant Teacher Club: We will start next week.

The Listening Club: (Tuesday 4th) The teacher will give you 3 things to listen to in class.

The Exchange Club (IVE Project): Many students have not posted anything, or answered any messages from others. Be sure to do the 2 questionnaires. Then post something (or reply to another post) in the first forum: Who We are May 2-15. The teacher will talk to you in class. Remember, the more you write, the more you learn. Get to know the other students in the group.

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