Week 11: June 20-26 Sports

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Weekly Theme: Sports

Vince Lombardi (football coach) “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Mixer (Begin the class)

Think of a sport you used to play (or still play). Why did you like the sport? Write down some key words or sentence. Then turn your paper over and tell your group members. Example: (NOTES): Tennis. Solo. good weather. Running, but quick reaction. Skill in different areas. Friend in Barcelona, play 2x/week. Clay courts. Talk after. I find out he made money from tennis. He always beat me, but I got better.

Club Information

Music Club: Two songs this week: Physical by Dua Lipa is a simple song. For a more difficult song (long too), try Top Ten Sports that are Entertaining by Watchmojo. This is not really a song, but an announcement about sports. Use SEARCH to find the song. New: Some classes have started a Line Group to suggest songs to each other. Your class can do that too.

Please remember that you can only do 3 tries a day on your free software. So don’t wait until the last minute. Try a little each day. If you have not downloaded it yet, get it on your smartphone: Lyricstraining.com. You will have a chance to talk about last week’s song in class. You can do more than one song a week. Choose any other you want.

Photo Club: Some groups were posting many pictures with questions and answers about Families. Thank you to those groups. Remember, if you write more, you will participate more. This week’s Topic is SPORTS. You can use old photos, but they should be photos you take. Remember to describe the photo as much as you can. And ask questions about it.

Netflix Club: (Thursday 3, Tuesday 4) You can discuss Episode 6 (Season 1) in class. Here is the list of questions. Make your own questions first, then use the list. Then after class this week, watch Episode 7 to prepare for next week. Remember, watch it twice. First time without 字幕. Then again with 字幕. It is about social media, a reality TV show called The Circle. Please do not watch ahead. Wait for the teacher to tell you when to watch each episode. ONE Episode EACH WEEK.

Speaking Club: (Wednesday 2nd) No more speaking club this semester. Not enough students signed up for it.

Assistant Teacher Club: Please go to tellicorp Moodle and add your ideas to the forum for topics. I will add more discussions this week.

The Listening Club: (Tuesday 4th) The teacher has added extra EnglishCentral videos to watch for more listening practice. If you don’t have English Central use these: Favorite Sport, Sports, and Sports on TV.

The Exchange Club (IVE Project): Our FINAL WEEK with GIFTS. This is your last chance to get points by posting and discussing different kinds of gifts. Our last day for IVE is June 26. We will also have live Zoom meetings next week online. Ask your teacher about times.

Comment Club: Read the article about 10 Unusual Sports and make comments on it.

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