Goals for Language Learners

2022.04.15 0 Comments

Sometimes language learners have special kinds of goals. Read this article and look at the vocabulary to understand better what some kinds of goals are better for language learners. We use ZenGenGo for this activity. You can get other activities like this if you join any of the clubs in Ryan’s courses.


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A refugee is a person who has to leave their home. Usually it is because of some kind of disaster, like an earthquake or bad weather. But sometimes it is because of violence, like a war. This is the story of a college student who had to leave Ukraine because of the war. She wrote …

Goals are part of success

2022.04.13 0 Comments

Setting goals is good, but you need to do more than just set goals. These 11 points included goals, but are more than just goals. Read the article, but notice that some people make comments. You can join a Ryan’s Club to make comments on articles that you choose in the future. Look at this …

Christo on Goals

2022.04.12 0 Comments

In this short video Christo from Bulgaria talks about why he doesn’t set goals for himself. ELLLO is a website to use listening for language learning. Next week, if you are interested in using ELLLO with your classmates, you can sign up for it. But this week, look at Christo, and read the transcript. Then …

Goal: Marble Champion

2022.04.11 0 Comments

This is a simple story about a little girl who was bad at sports. She decided she wanted to be a champion at something. She discovered she was good at playing marbles. Each week on Mondays, we recommend something to read about our weekly Topic. This week’s topic is GOALS. The reading comes from CommonLit, …

Welcome to Tellicorp Blog

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We simulate a business blog by posting activities on the website. This week’s theme is GOALS. It helps with language learning, or any kind of learning, or even life, to have goals. Setting goals at the beginning of a course will help you advance faster and further. This week we will be linking to sources …