Week 5 Club News (May 9-15)

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Music Club: Last week’s song was The Food Song (by Barbra Lica). This week’s song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy (by Bobby McFarrin). Use SEARCH to find the songs. Please remember that you can only do 3 tries a day on your free software. So don’t wait until the last minute. Try a little each day. …

Week 4 Handout

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This week we do SIR Discussions, a format for discussions in English. Find the handout at https://bit.ly/ryan4hand (pdf) or use this QR Code.

4 New Clubs: Snacks, Photo, Music, Netflix

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Because these Clubs were so popular and had so much interest, they are now available. These are all “closed” clubs. That means they are available for sharing within your class. Only other class members can see what you are sharing. Closed clubs are different from Skills Clubs, where you work individually online. “Open” Clubs are …

Week 3 Handout

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Please find the Week 3 Handout for Class Activities here. Or use this https://bit.ly/ryan3hand

Food: Learning: Favorites

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Do these exercises to understand what people are talking about with their favorite foods.

Food: Writing: Culture

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Read The Food that Binds Us about how food is an important part of culture. Can you write something similar to this? Use WriteTheWorld to keep your writing in English.

Food: Comment: Farming in Space

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Look, and then comment, on this article for the Comment Club.

Food: Listening: Diana’s Favorite

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Listen to this short conversation about Diana’s favorite food.

Food: Reading: Peanut Butter

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In this story, two girls move with their family to France. They love peanut butter, so they try to find some. It is more difficult than they thought. This story is on CommonLit, a reading app that helps students learn to read better. There are simple stories with questions to check.

Bonus Goal Course

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I recommend a short (1-hour) course you can take about Goals. The man in the course will teach you about goals. This is a way to make good goals. Most good goals will make you work more and work better. But some goals will make you quit. Those are bad goals. Bad goals are usually …