Mid-Term Interviews

2022.05.25 0 Comments

Note: If you are Core-only (no clubs) you do NOT need to do an interview. If you have been working in class and doing the homework, you will pass the course (if you continue until the end of the semester).

During the first week of June, I will be interviewing students about grades. Each interview should only take 2-3 minutes.

Please be prepared. I will ask you 3 questions.

  • What did you do in your clubs? (Be ready to show me on your computer or phone.)
  • What did you learn? (Explain some important things you learned during this time.)
  • What grade do you think you should get?

Remember, your goals for the semester are

  • 20 hours of Active English to pass (60 Attention Units, C, 可)
  • 40 hours (120 Attention Units, B, 良)
  • 60 hours (180 Attention Units, A, 優)
  • 80 hours (240 Attention Units, S, 秀)

You can sign up for a time during class that week in class (The teacher will show you.)

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