4 New Clubs: Snacks, Photo, Music, Netflix

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Because these Clubs were so popular and had so much interest, they are now available. These are all “closed” clubs. That means they are available for sharing within your class. Only other class members can see what you are sharing. Closed clubs are different from Skills Clubs, where you work individually online. “Open” Clubs are shared with other universities and other countries. More information.

Most Clubs are done online. You prepare by doing some activity. Then you can talk about it, or check your answers, in class. The teacher gives you time in each class for this. Remember, there are minimums for each Club. There must be at least FOUR people to sign up to make a Club (12 for the Snack Club), so get your friends to sign up.

A quick description of the 4 clubs

The Snack Club is unusual. There is nothing online. Each week, a student brings a small snack for everyone in the class. You can buy the snack or make it. But you should spend about 1,000 yen. The important thing is to talk about your snack. Tell us how it is made, or why it is so delicious. Once you bring a snack, you can then enjoy snacks on other weeks from other students. At least TWELVE (12) people must sign up for this club.

The Photo Club is a place where you share at least one photo each week. It must be a photo that YOU take. You also describe it. Then other people can ask questions about it. You can also talk about it in class. You can decide with the club where to share your photos. Line Band is a good place, or maybe Instagram. Or Google Groups. You choose.

The Music Club is a place to use songs to learn English. We use an app called lyricstraining. You listen to the song and then choose the right word. See how it works with this YouTube video. More on the app.

The Netflix Club is to watch a TV program each week and talk about it (answering questions) in class. We will watch a game show on reality TV called The Circle. It takes a long time to watch, because you should watch once without 字幕, and then once with 字幕. Remember YOU must have a subscription to Netflix to join this club. (You can share with friends in a family subscription.)

These are fun ways to learn English and can help you get a better grade if you participate a lot.

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