Week 13: July 4-10

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Weekly Theme: Dating Maya Angelou, author: “Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.” Mixer (Begin the class) Think of a date. Maybe your date, or your friend’s date. Write down key words. Turn over your paper. Describe the date. Club Information Music Club: Two songs this week: Melanie Martinez …

Week 12 June 27-July 3 Drinks

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Weekly Theme: Drinks Mark Twain, author: “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” Mixer (Begin the class) Think of drinks and season. Think of your favorite drink for each of four seasons (Sping, Summer, Fall, Winter). Write …

Week 11: June 20-26 Sports

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Weekly Theme: Sports Vince Lombardi (football coach) “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Mixer (Begin the class) Think of a sport you used to play (or still play). Why did you like the sport? Write down some key words or sentence. Then turn your paper over and tell your group members. Example: (NOTES): Tennis. …

Week 10 News (June 13-19)

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Weekly Theme: Families My father says that “Families are not just one thing, they are the most important thing. This week we will be talking about families. Mixer (Begin the class) Think of a family member. Who is the most interesting? Do you have a crazy uncle? Or a sister who is famous? Or a …

Week 9 News (June 6-13)

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New Groups this week! We will mix up the groups this week. If you have any special requests, send an email to moodle@kevinryan.com BEFORE class. No changes after class begins. New Club Members This week students have the option to Start, Stop or Continue their clubs. Many students have chosen to Start new clubs, so …

Week 8 News (May 30-June 5)

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Theme this week: Seasons Mixer: Seasons. What season were you born? Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter? Think for 2 minutes. Write: What is the best thing about my birth season? Discuss with the group. Decide which season is the best one. IN ENGLISH. Clubs Music Club: This week’s song: Seasons in the Sun by Westlife, a …

Mid-Term Interviews

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Note: If you are Core-only (no clubs) you do NOT need to do an interview. If you have been working in class and doing the homework, you will pass the course (if you continue until the end of the semester). During the first week of June, I will be interviewing students about grades. Each interview …

Week 7 News (May 23-29)

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Theme this week: Happiness Mixer: 3 things that make me happy. Think for 2 minutes. Write down: 3 things that make me happy. Mix your papers together in the group. Talk to your group. Which paper belongs to which member? Then talk about your happy activities. IN ENGLISH. Homework Check: Use your regular QR Code …

Week 6 News (May 16-22)

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Theme this week: Travel. Mixer: If I could travel anywhere. Think for 2 minutes. Write down: If I could travel anywhere, I would go to…. Then write down WHY you would travel there. Then turn over your paper. Talk to your partner. Listen to your partner. Share with your group members. Presentation: Asking Questions in …

Week 5 Handout

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Be sure to download this file to know what we are doing in Week 5 class.